Walk of Art Kids

A critical arm of Walk Of Art is our Walk Of Art Kids’ Program, an educational component that, through liaisons

with community organizations and local schools, provides a first rate, hands on arts education experience for children

across the city. On an after school day, or a weekend morning, we guide groups of youngsters through

neighborhoods viewing street art through the eyes of the artists who make it. The kids get a sense of how varied

street art techniques are, and how rigorous the planning that results in the finished product. They discover the kinds of

challenges street artists face: the behaviors of art materials in open air, the need to conform to local regulations, the

diplomacy required to forge the vital connections with the community in which the art will reside. They also learn how

prevalent street art is across the globe and are introduced to precursors of the form that span from U.S.S.R.

propaganda paintings to mid-twentieth century Mexican murals.

Interaction time with artists is expanded for our kids to include an extended post-tour Q & A period and an artist-led

workshop in which children learn basic painting rules and develop their own art works. Along with their individual

pieces, youngsters take away a new appreciation for a public art form and a sense of the rich relationships that can

be formed between art and artist and community. They’ll know the profound pleasure of self-expression and the

satisfaction that comes with acquiring knowledge and developing new skills they can apply to enhancing their

neighborhoods and their lives. Woakids.org